Dear Charbel thanks for telling me the city story and describe his architecture. Thanks for reccomending me some books through which I can deepen the discussion. I'm colletting them for the booklist. Now I have a strange persepction of this weird stratification of material and immaterial signs. I've collected some fragments, objective reality blended in my memory, I will leave them tin my mind in order to reinterpretate them. In this postcard I've tried to collect some, I've lightly blended my memory with piece of architecture which have fascinated me. I've tried to do what I asked to students during the workshop, trying to describe the city urban space through  architectures not concerning this town. I' m not yet sure if I made it, I'm still working on it. 
We will have to discuss. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon

Postcard#beirut (2013)