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The color describes what i meet without any filters, and i like to record the instant for the way It looks to me.

Daido Moriyama

senza titolo - LG 2015

senza titolo - LG 2015

senza titolo - LG 2015


Organizing together fragments, mixing with their own memory in order to better assimilate them. Finding in the city other cities, in their art other oeuvre, in the architecture other architectures, its’ essential to write through images a personal history, it’s essential to be able not being radical but realistic, exploiting imagination to tell other stories. 

Roma Moderna - 2011


We must  [...] lear to handle the images device, to know what to do with our view and our memory.
Georges Didi Huberman

 I am interested in the moment this accrual of images looses its form. It becomes the formless, so dear to Bataille, in ceaseless rhythmic activity: forms get cancelled and then compare again, exuberant, excessive. The formless proliferates, generating dismembered, open forms through an explosive process. The formless is indeed the accident of forms, their contingent and a-substantial nature. An image, being an undetermined structure capable of infinite combinations, produces infinite images, that become a conceptual model on which a design can be rooted. Now, what is really important to me is the dialogue arising between the two images, the initial and the manipulated one, that results in a vortex, in the meaning of Benjamin’s dialectical image. This vortex-image does not imitate things: it is a dividing line, from which the architect’s thought develops. This thought divests the image from its certainties, and calls into question the whole knowledge. 

EVOKED è una mostra itinerante inaugurata il  22 febbraio 2016 a Tirana. L’intento è quello d’indagare l’edilizia residenziale informale realizzata in modo abusivo sulla costa albanese. A partire dal 1991, il fenomeno di migrazione interna dalle zone rurali verso la costa e nelle maggiori città d’Albania ha generato una domanda abitativa senza precedenti. Gli edifici, generalmente localizzati nei terreni agricoli e realizzati in calcestruzzo armato, sono spesso incompleti o parzialmente abitati a causa delle condizioni economiche del nucleo familiare. L’incompletezza delle costruzioni e il particolare processo di occupazione delle strutture ha comportato una nuova immagine del paesaggio costiero abanese.

Adelina Greca
Albana Koçollari
Anna Bruna Menghini
Frida Pashako
Domenico Pastore
Giuseppe Resta

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