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The architecture of time. Endless, remorseless, infinite.
Floating in space with any function and program, just the memory of time that was.

Struttura spaziale n.001

Struttura spaziale n.002

Struttura spaziale n.003

Struttura spaziale n.004

Struttura spaziale n.005

Struttura spaziale n.006

* fotografie scattate  a Messina 2013


Gaston Bachelard

(the Poetic of Space)

In its countless alveoli space contains compressed time. That is what space is for... The finest specimens of fossilized duration concretized as a result of long sojourn, are to be found in and through space.




Michel Houellebecq 

satellite photos .... leaving only a mixture of green appear more or less uniform dotted with vague blue spots, the paper developed a fascinating maze of roads, picturesque streets, points of view, forests, lakes and colors ....

LCT c 01/ 2012

LCT c 02/ 2012

LCT c 03/ 2012

LCT c 04/ 2012

LCT c 05/ 2012


The map 
emptied  of meaning, distorted, reconstructed, revealed as a human artifact is the subject of an interpretation.

LCT R 01 / paesaggio

LCT R 02 / campo marzio

LCT R 03 / paesaggio

LCT R 04 / campo marzio

LCT R 05 / campo marzio 

LCT R 06 / campo marzio 

LCT R 09 / confini

LCT R 07 / roma

LCT 08 R / città del vaticano

* fotografie di cartografie e stampe realizzate presso Istituto nazionale per la Grafica (Calcografia Nazionale - Gabinetto Stampe) a Roma 2011

The Imagelist is a blog about photos and drawings,  an archive used to interpret the reality.

The Imagelist is a collection of images, photographs, collages and drawings that I use to work, to develop ideas, to record data, to sketch architectural projects. To imagine the everyday reality.

The idea is made to reorganize my archive's images, belonging to pictures found, or taken, manipulated, architectures, drawings, collages, a kind of visual autobiography.
Many image are part of everyday work, models that I use to think about projects, to think about architecture and spaces. 
An interpretative game of the reality, where the medium choose to represent it is  important: The Blog.
A channel made in order to re-store an esthetical code open to interpretation.
The reorganization of an archive  needs different tools, maintaining an independence  and in the same time reading a relation between them.
The Imagelist follows, support and complete the book’s archive started with The Booklist.
In fact I do not choose images with a precise logic, as I did for the books, simply when a picture involve me, I print it and plug it on a blank paper, where during the course of time I write notes.
I try to detect the images possibility. The same picture sometime can be handle, cut, sample or become the basis for something new.
Other pictures are realized on specific themes, even on those, with time, I apply different alteration and become part of the archive itself.

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